This page is designed to provide a tool to help you play with coverage options and prices in the comfort of your own home. Feel free to add items to the A La Carte Wedding Pricing Calculator, and compare to my Standard Wedding Package to see the savings. When you’ve decided what your ideal coverage would look like, send me an email at for your next steps!

Standard Wedding Package

My current standard package is priced at $1350, and includes:

  • 8 hours of primary photographer coverage
  • a minimum of 400 lightly retouched digital images
  • a 10×10 album with some of the best pictures of the wedding
  • a free bonus session (including 24 of your favorite digital photos from the session). Most couples use this bonus session for an engagement session, but I’d be happy to shoot a family, anniversary, boudoir, or extra bridal session for you instead…whatever makes sense for you and yours!

You can, of course, add additional options from the a la carte list to this package and retain the free bonus session and album, if you prefer more coverage.

A La Carte Options

If my standard package doesn’t suit your needs, feel free to use this calculator to help come up with the perfect combination of coverage options for you. Once you’re finished, simply email me at with your wedding date and the options you have selected (the Detailed List button at the bottom of the calculator will give a great summary of this to screenshot, if you like), and I’ll confirm the pricing and check my availability.

If you need less than four hours of primary photographer coverage, please be advised that each hour will be priced at $225. The calculator below has a built-in discounted coverage price for weddings of four hours or more.

A la Carte Wedding Photography Pricing Calculator

Includes both hours of coverage by photographers and digital images
Coverage Total: 0
Additional Shoots
All additional shoots include your choice of 24 edited digital images
Additional Shoots Total: 0
Physical Products
Physical Products Total: 0

Total 1